We live in an age where space has become one of the biggest constraints in metropolitan areas, cities, and even suburbs. It is also the costliest thing to buy. Is there any way we can improve room space? Yes, one of the sure shot ways is getting a wall bed that can turn a room into a bed room at night and a living room in the day. Further, there are many places like a studio home, where it is necessary to have a wall bed so that you can free up space for work and that too making the room look more like a studio than a bedroom.

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Free up space for exercising or yoga!

Since a wall bed, also known as a stowaway bed or a Murphy bed or a pull down bed, can be folded back into the wall where it is steadfast, there remains a lot of space which can be used for any purpose you like. In the recent past our lives have turned more on the sedentary side. To compensate this and to manage time, people look for practising yoga or aerobics at home itself. However, not all homes have a lawn or enough space for a full body stretch. If you have a pull down bed, you can convert your bedroom into a yoga or aerobics centre. Folding the stowaway bed back into its place would free up enough space for more than one person to practice yoga or any other activity.

Children don't need king size beds!

The stowaway beds come for adults and children both. Since children are small, don't weigh much and don't take much space to sleep, employing a full-fledged bed won't be an efficient way of using the space. In these situations, a stowaway bed does the trick.

Increase productivity with pull down beds

Further, keeping a bed available in the room may invite you to sleep. It is like a vacuum cleaner which would pull you toward it and ultimately decrease your productivity. So if you are somebody work-from-home kind, a stowaway bed would be the perfect way to increase your productivity.

Even if you do have a lot of space in your home, having a stowaway bed gives a lot of scope for versatility. If you use a fixed bed, the room is rendered useless, or nearly useless, until you go to bed again. How about buying a wall bed today itself and creating more space and versatility at your home?